Study Engineering In Turkey

Study Engineering In Turkey


ENGINEERING had been a dream for so many people right from the early years of childhood, some are even given the natural gift of engineering in their brains right from the early stage of life, you may be one of such but you wouldn’t know because you didn’t get the chance to showcase your natural potentialities. Don’t worry, an alternative is here, an opportunity is opening from the horizon from THE NEW HORIZONS, we will surely take your dreams to the horizon level.

The Faculty of the Engineering & Technology in Turkish universities has a wealth of real world experience and are leaders in their respective disciplines. You will be mentored by experienced instructors and be trained in real-life laboratories and settings. You will gain a theoretical and hands-on understanding as to what it takes to succeed in a career of advanced automation.

Study engineering in Turkey, this is a very cheap alternative to think about. For many students from different parts of the world, studying the latest forms and varieties of engineering remains a dream that is yet to be realized. For many of the prospective intelligent and gifted minded students, in some places it is nearly impossible to achieve such reality due to the strict requirements for enrolling into the field of creativity such as the latest engineering departments such as mechatronics, biomedical engineering, energy system engineering and bioengineering amongst others in their home countries. This made many brilliant prospective students gave up on their quest and dream of studying in the field of creativity. New horizons are here, we are Here!!! Do not give up!!! We will bring the hopes to actualize and make your dreams alive!


New Horizons is here to help with your application. To get started today, take the first step

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Application Portal, be it biomedical, mechanical, mechatronics, energy system, biotechnology, civil, construction or any form of engineering.

Here are some of the latest fields of engineering that may attract your future endeavors.

  • BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING; this is a new branch of engineering that is growing in the field of technology, turkey happens to be one of the modern centers of such rising field of technology with experts that possessed the knowledge of knowhow from different parts of the globe. To study biomedical engineering in turkey, the range and cost is from $3,500 to $13,500 depending on the university.
  • ENERGY SYSTEM ENGINEERING; The program is truly unique and unlike any other engineering degree. The Energy System Engineering program is designed to train engineers to address one of this world’s foremost challenges: to achieve energy independence and yet meet the growing demand for energy, while at the same time addressing critical environmental concerns. Energy system engineers may choose training in alternative and environmentally-friendly energy conversion systems to complement their education in traditional technologies that will continue to play an important role for the foreseeable future. To study this field of engineering, the cost ranges from $5800 to $13,500 respectively.
  • MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING; A Mechatronics Engineering Technology degree will prepare you to design and develop industrial automation systems that include robotics, vision systems, computer integration for high speed manufacturing and service industries. This course of study ranges from $3,850 to $13,500.
  • BIOENGINEERING; Any new knowledge of living systems gained through analytical techniques based on engineering sciences contribute to the progress of medicine. This integration has given rise to the interdisciplinary field of biomedical engineering and as a result, created biomedical engineering Others can choose clinical engineering and work in hospitals or clinics to maintain and improve the vast amount of technological support required in modern medicine. The range is from $3,800 to $13,500.


General engineering study: 4-5 years-program

Entry Requirements: international passport, the high school transcripts and certificate

The standard period of studying is 4-5 years.


As in other countries, the first two years are filled with basics theoreticals and introductions to engineering as a field of study.


From the 3 rd. year you get a practical aspect of your selected field of study from any of the departments in the field of engineering.

4 TH AND 5 TH YEAR consist of specialization and expertise


Studying in turkey will give you the access to world class laboratories, latest technological

advancements, a conducive atmosphere for educational and life perusing, you will also have the

opportunity to be taught by world class professors, Doctors and masters in the field of modern engineering in his modern era.

Not only that, you will have the opportunity to explore and have experience of the full international

community because turkey as a cross road between three continents, you will experience the culture

in the midst of diversity which will definitely establish a strong connection between you and the international community.